バーベキューにぴったりな茨城の食材 目指せいばらきBBQマスター
Hitachi Beef
Raised over a period of 30 months, only the black cattle that is graded at either an ‘A’ or ‘B’ and 4 or 5 on the Japanese Beef Grading System is allowed to be called Hitachi Beef. The meat is characterized by its fineness and tenderness. Click here for restaurants where you can eat Hitachi beef.
Rose Pork
Rose Pork is a brand categorizing pigs produced in Ibaraki that meet strict requirements. The meat is characterized by its elasticity, fineness, and tenderness. Click here for restaurants where you can eat Rose pork.
Okukuji Shamo Chicken
The meat is raised slowly and naturally in the harsh environment of Okukuji-Daigo, which has a large difference in temperatures throughout the year. The meat is firm, low in fat, and crunchy. Click here for restaurants where you can eat Okukuji Shamo Chicken.

Barbecue Vegetables

Lotus root

Ibaraki lotus root is grown around Kasumigaura and is the largest producer in Japan. It is characterized by its thick flesh, crunchy texture, and crispiness.


Typical brands from Ibaraki include “Edosaki Squash” from Inashiki City and “Sowa Miyako Squash” from Koga City, which have a sweet and chewy taste.

Green bell pepper

More than 90% of Ibaraki Prefecture’s bell peppers are grown in the Rokko district, which is the largest area and production of peppers in Japan. Green peppers are recommended for barbecues because they absorb nutrients.


Sweet corn is grown in Ibaraki Prefecture, mainly in the western part of the prefecture. The recommended variety is “Mirai,” which is characterized by its high sugar content and strong sweetness.